Referral Options

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We understand that making the decision to see a counsellor can be daunting! You are very welcome to Contact Us for an obligation-free chat, to ask any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

You may be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year (from January to December). Current rebates begin at approximately $75 for a 50-minute appointment, which can cover a significant portion of each session fee.

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How do I obtain a Medicare referral?

  • Book an extended (double) appointment with your GP

  • Discuss your mental health concerns with your GP and request a 'GP Mental Health Treatment Plan'. There are certain criteria and presenting problems that your GP will assess to determine your eligibility for this

  • If you are eligible, your GP will prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan for you, which entitles you to a Medicare rebate

  • Provide your GP with your chosen therapist's name, so that your GP can provide you with a referral letter

  • Contact Us by phone or email to arrange an initial session

  • Email your GP referral letter and Mental Health Treatment Plan to us or bring them with you to your first session

You may also be eligible to access the Medicare rebate if you are referred by a psychiatrist, or alternatively if you suffer from a chronic medical condition and are referred by your GP under the 'Chronic Disease Management' Medicare scheme.

Can I self-refer?

You do not require a GP or psychiatrist referral in order to access counselling. You are welcome to self-refer if you would rather not be referred by a GP or psychiatrist, or are not eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Kindly note that you will not be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate if you choose this option.


Other referral options:

We are providers for Victims of Crime, the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC), WorkCover and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). Please note that with the exception of Victims of Crime you will need to obtain a GP referral if you would like your counselling to be funded by one of these organisations.

Ready to get started?

Our friendly team are on hand now to take any enquiries you have. You are more than welcome to get in touch for an obligation-free chat, to ask any questions, or to schedule an appointment.