6 Steps to Help You Be Calm

Step 1: Close Your Eyes and Breathe

Breathe in slowly and deeply, filling your stomach first and then your chest. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. When your lungs are full, hold for a few seconds before you exhale.


Step 2: Count Backwards

In your mind, slowly count backwards from 5 through to 0, and then start again. Repeat at least 3 times until your thoughts have quietened.

Step 3: Connect with Your Body

Focus on the way your body feels, noticing any parts that are tense. You should make yourself comfortable in your seat and then imagine your muscles becoming heavy and limp, letting go of the bones. Switch off each muscle one at a time. Start with your left foot, relaxing it by imagining how heavy it feels. Move to your right foot, then your left leg and so on. Work through your entire body until every muscle, including your face, has let go and gone heavy limp. Scan your body and make sure that each and every muscle feels switched off.

Step 4: Visualise a Vacation

Keep your eyes closed and mentally transport yourself to a place that is truly relaxing. Imagine this place with all of your senses. If it's the beach, you should be able to smell the salt water. If it's the bush, then you should be able to hear the birds sing. Focus in on the details. What does each flower smell like? What colours are the different types of leaves? Stay on your "vacation" as long as you feel is needed.


Step 5: Let Go of Negative Thoughts

If any negative or self-critical thoughts enter your mind, just observe them, without getting caught up in them. Imagine putting each thought into a bubble, and then watch the bubble gently float away, getting further and further away from you. Then redirect your attention to imagining all of the relaxing world around you.

Step 6: Final Affirmation

Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds, then let it out slowly. Pick a positive affirmation - it must be unequivocally positive - and repeat 5 times. It could be "I've got this!", "I am enough", "I am calm and serene", or "I am an amazing person!"

Repeat as Needed!